At LAB04 architects we strongly believe that the development of your property provides a unique opportunity to create a space which is tailor-made to meet the needs of you and your family.
The overall construction process can often be a complicated and daunting prospect for first time developers. With this in mind we offer all potential clients a free initial consultation to look over the property and discuss your aspirations and budget.
It is important to establish an overall project budget for any work you propose to undertake.
This differs from the construction cost and should include for statutory fees (planning applications, building warrant submissions etc), any consultant fees, funding fees and a contingency sum.
We can assist in providing a realistic guide estimate for the above which will then allow you to establish a realistic construction cost.
Work Stages
The overall construction process from initial assessment of the brief to final construction are defined within the RIAS Work Stages. As indicated by the chart on the right, these effectively split the overall process into stage-by-stage elements.
Typically an architect's fees are based on a percentage of the overall construction cost.
This overall cost is them split as a percentage into the various Work Stages, therefore allowing the client to progress the design stage-by stage without committing to the overall process.
There are occasions where the fee for a stage is provided as a Lump Sum in lieu of a percentage (typically during initial appraisals/design brief) and this can be discussed with clients on a project by project basis.
A typical break down of the Work Stages by percentage is stated below;

Stage 1            Preparation and Brief         5%
Stage 2            Concept Design                 10%
Stage 3            Developed Design              20%
Stage 4            Technical Design                45%
Stage 5 to 7     Construction to In Use      20%

Our Appointment will lay out all services included within our fee shedule.
If you would like to discuss any of the above of talk through your project/options please feel free to contact us at any time.
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